Black Mirror: Nosedive

I’m currently stuck at a plateau of 794 Instagram followers – and for some reason, it’s really getting on my nerves – WHY CAN’T YOU GO UP TO 800 GOSHDARNIT?! And it’s this bizarre misplaced anger and annoyance that forms the basis of ‘Nosedive’, the first episode of the latest series of Black Mirror.

Now a Netflix exclusive, you can see the budget increase within the first 60 seconds of this episode. Allowing for the use of more inventive locations, and bigger name actors – this rise in quality is exactly what this critically acclaimed show deserves.

Starring Bryce Dallas Howard as Lacie, she is a sweet yet incredibly insecure woman who is obsessed with her ranking – much like many others in this pastel-coloured fictional world (directed by Atonement’s Joe Wright). You are ranked out of 5, and the higher you are, the further up the social ladder you are. Imagine the amount of Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat followers you have, having an actual bearing on your quality of life – something that may not be stuck in the realms of fiction for much longer.

Lacie reconnects with an old school friend, Naomi (Star Trek: Into Darkness’ Alice Eve) who is an elite member of society. Lacie is immediately in awe of her former pal and sets out on a path to join her and live the high (ranking) life.

Despite the episode being a satire about “status anxiety”, the story made me reflect on my use of social media and ask myself – what on EARTH am I doing? Me and my friends often talk about getting good numbers on posts, and what will “get all the hearts on the gram” – it sounds ridiculous, but don’t tell me that you don’t take 30 versions of the same photo so the most perfect one can be put out to the world.

This opening episode is sure to make an impression on the now worldwide audience, and I am certain it will make you re-evaluate what social media means to you.

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