From growing up in Watford, a hub of the creative industries, I discovered a passion for creating film, as well as writing about it. I attended West Herts College where I gained a diploma in Creative Media Production, and am going on to do my third year of Film Studies at London South Bank University.

I have experience of shooting music videos, adverts, documentaries and short films. I have particular interests in directing and cinematography, but am familiar with lighting and sound equipment, and editing software.

I have worked with companies such as The LP Cafe and Wired Productions to create photographic and moving image elements for PR campaigns – including a recent trip to Volterra, Tuscany, to shoot content for the promotion of independent game, The Town of Light.


During a documentary module , that is part of my course at University, I created a short called ‘Radical Softness’. It explores the modern perceptions of femininity, and how it can be used as a source of strength and creativity. At the suggestion of my lecturers and peers I am in the planning stages of turning this short into my first feature length film.